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School Gallery Tours


The Portage & District Arts Centre is offering Gallery Tours for School Groups of all ages.  This is a excellent opportunity for students and faculty to see a variety of art forms from Regional Artists and is a great addition the the current Arts curriculum.  Students will be fully engaged learning the artistic process of how each piece was made and will be encouraged to interact with the Artist or Docent.  Tours are available Tuesday through Friday.  Bookings are accepted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the tour.  Donations to the Gallery are welcome.  Contact the Portage & District Arts Centre at 204-239-6029 or email pdac@mts.net to book your tour today!


September 2 - 27, 2014


Mixed media installation by guest curator Colette Balcaen.

Colette Balcaen is the artist behind “Hats from a Life Lived”, an installation and collaborative art project. This project began after she inherited over 50 hats that belonged to a woman named Anastazja Urbanik who immigrated to Winnipeg from Poland. She was a remarkable woman and Colette wanted to give her hats a new life as a tribute to this woman’s courageous life. She collaborated on this project with Roberta York, who works with Artbeat Studios/Studio Central as their weaving mentor.

Colette’s idea was to give a hat to each individual artist or artisan who might like to transform it into an art piece. Once each participant committed to their chosen hat and they signed an agreement confirming the details and requirements. The transformation of the hats began with 36 participants working on the project to create 40 pieces.

The goal of this experience is to provoke an interaction between the visitors and the hats, to entice a reflection and appreciation of the uniqueness of individuals in our society. It is believed that the context of this installation will touch many people and bring awareness of all the real differences that exist within our society. It is a celebration and/or manifestation of the diverse voices in our community through the interpretation of each artist who created the artwork with these hats.

Exhibition Opening:  Thursday, September 4 at 7:00pm

Don’t forget to wear your favourite hat!!!


September 30 - November 8, 2014


Mixed media by various artists including Yvette Cenerini, Dayna Danger, Chantal Dupas, Patricia Eschuk, Anne Fallis, Cameron Forbes, Annette Henderson, Erin Josephson-Laidlaw, Mary Lowe, Cheryl Orr-Hood, Willow Rector, Diana Thorneycroft, & Diane Whitehouse.

Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA) has been offering their Foundation Mentorship Program for 30 years and are celebrating this special event across the province. In 2011-2012 MAWA partnered with the Manitoba Crafts Council for the Foundation Mentorship Program. This partnership allowed a diverse group of women artists to come together as Mentors and Mentees. This large assembly is made up of artists who work in a wide variety of media and who were at various stages in their careers. Some participants live within the city of Winnipeg as well as some live in Rural Manitoba. This was a very unique group in many ways and their progression as artists continues to develop and grow.

Mentorship is a unique form of teaching, where both the mentor and mentee learn from each other. This group shared more than just their art during their times together, they shared their struggles and limitations as well as their successes. This common sharing bonded them together in a way that has allowed them to continue to grow as women and as artists. It is important to have a body of peers that you can turn to when needed but also who will help you step out of your comfort zone and push you to stretch beyond and grow as an artist. Collaborating with fellow artists both within the city and rural areas allows for stronger connections to develop and grow as each has a unique perspective to draw from and share.  

At the end of this yearlong mentorship (2012) they held an exhibition, “Survivability” curated by Milena Placentile, which focused on the collective learning of an important survival skill; the transformation of past experience into present knowledge. “Survivability II” hopes to broaden that focus by celebrating all the complexities of not just surviving but thriving as an artist. This is an ambitious project in which 13 artists and mentors will submit 3 to 5 pieces of various sized works. This exhibition will be interdisciplinary and will highlight recent work completed by each artist.

In addition this group has been invited to produce a third exhibition together (“Survivance III”) at La Galerie in the Centre culturel franco-manitobain in September 2015. This is exciting news for the group and their progression is yet to be continued….!

Exhibition Opening:  Sunday, October 5 at 2:00pm


November 12 - December 20, 2014


Acrylic, oil & collage by artist Linus Woods.



September 4 to November 1, 2014


Photography by John Nielsen.

Some of the many ways that mankind has used to represent it’s own likeness.