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School Gallery Tours


The Portage & District Arts Centre is offering Gallery Tours for School Groups of all ages.  This is a excellent opportunity for students and faculty to see a variety of art forms from Regional Artists and is a great addition the the current Arts curriculum.  Students will be fully engaged learning the artistic process of how each piece was made and will be encouraged to interact with the Artist or Docent.  Tours are available Tuesday through Friday.  Bookings are accepted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the tour.  Donations to the Gallery are welcome.  Contact the Portage & District Arts Centre at 204-239-6029 or email pdac@mts.net to book your tour today!



June 23 - July 31, 2015


Watercolour by Sandi Storen.

Sandi's detailed watercolour paintings glow with the colour and light of the prairie sun. They often include symbolism and her recent works explore the themes of Generations, Traditions and Connecting. This exhibition is the first full showing of her Traditions quilt project which explores the concept of Traditions being carried from one generation to the next, forming a link, a connection, something shared.  The separate framed images of the Traditions quilt project work on their own, but, like people, they are richer when they’re together, each bringing their own unique contribution to the whole. They form a full sized “quilt” when hung together. The stitching motif represents the top stitching found on quilts, and works as a common element to further unite the twelve sets of paintings. It is also symbolic of the common thread that ties us all together, that of being human. Connections will also include some of Sandi’s hands series. She has asked people to Lend a Hand by posing their hands in everyday activities, then used the resulting photos as reference for a series of pencil crayon and watercolour works.

Exhibition Opening:  Sunday, June 28 at 2:00pm


August 5 - 29, 2015 in the Main Gallery


Multi-media artwork by artists from the Central Region.

The Pembina Hills Arts Council was pleased to be able to team up with the Central Cultural Council to present this year’s juried exhibition of south-central Manitoba, the 2015 Central Region Juried Art Exhibition. As the title suggests, works included in the show were created by artists living throughout this region of Manitoba. The show consists of a variety of mediums from artists with different levels of training and artistic experience. The intent of this show is to provide an avenue for professional-level visual art critique and development to all participating artists and also to provide exposure of our creative region and its inhabitants.

Jurors for this show had their hands full as they viewed a great mass of submissions from across southern Manitoba. In total, 130 pieces of art from 53 artists were entered to receive critique. From these submissions, 30 were selected to be part of the touring show which will tour around southern Manitoba until fall 2015. In addition to the usual considerations of technical and conceptual excellence, jurors considered the intent and creative ingenuity of each piece. As is always the case with juried shows, many excellent pieces with high-quality workmanship were not selected for the touring show. Those whose work were selected represent a good cross-section of members from throughout the region, from a variety of mediums and including emerging and established artists alike.

Exhibition Opening:  Thursday, August 6 at 7:00pm

Visit http://www.crjae.com/ for full details.


Sept 1 - Oct 9, 2015 in the Main Gallery


Oil on canvas abstract paintings by Aija Aleksandra Svenne.

Artist Statement    

Handwriting started it. Making marks on paper, canvas or on any surface has always intrigued me. I have combined this love, with my interest in human  relationships.

Art studies at University of Manitoba and The University of North Dakota deepened this commitment for me. I have been inspired my meeting other artists at these institutions.

My work is motivated by personal experiences. I work from the inside out. I may have a plan when I begin, but once  I put a  a dab of an exciting colour on the canvas, the impetus to push it around, manipulate it, and shape it with whatever implement is at hand, overrides my  initial  idea. This process, layering  paint upon paint, results in textured surfaces.

These works are a transformation of my life experiences  into art.

Exhibition Opening:  Sunday, September 13 at 2:00pm


Oct 14 - Nov 21, 2015 in the Main Gallery


Lee Beaton, Cindy Davidson & Pamela Desmond-Franklin.

Exhibition Opening:  Sunday, October 18 at 2:00pm


Nov 23, 2015 - Jan 9, 2016 in the Main Gallery


Acrylic paintings by Don McMaster.

Exhibition Opening:  TBA



July 2 to Aug 8, 2015


Watercolour and pen & ink by Bette Holliday.

Artist Statement

I began painting about 20 years ago with the encouragement of Marguerite Ruddell.  I work mainly with watercolour and pen & ink.  Recently I have begun painting greeting cards, which led me to trying miniatures.  A miniature is 100-150 square centimetres or less unframed.  Painting on such a small surface can be very challenging.