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April 1 - May 10, 2014


Photography favorites by the Portage Camera Club.

This is a group exhibition involving fourteen of the twenty-two current members of the Portage Camera Club. The members are Doug Braden, Ed Brecknell, Violet Enns, Mike Essery, Brent Jones, Marci McCowan, John Nielsen, Jean Orton, Gordon Plunkett, Debbie Reichelt, Don Robertson, Linda Sigurdson, Raymond Smith and Dennis Wiens.

Each of the members enjoys different aspects of photography so this exhibition will showcase a diverse subject matter. Some of the members are founding members and some are new to the group. One thing that they all share is their love and passion for photography. This is a diverse group with much talent, some are professional photographers and some are learning to master their camera.

This is an opportunity to see some of their favorite photographs and also gives you a chance to talk with the artists and find out more about the photos and why this is their favorite.

A slideshow “A Day in the Life of Portage” (October 3, 1992) will be projected during the entire duration of the exhibition.

Exhibition Opening:  Sunday, April 6 at 2:00pm


May 13 - June 21, 2014


Oil pastel by John Nielsen.

Artist Statement:  One lifetime is too short to explore the many facets of art.

My first interest in creating art was in painting landscapes in watercolour.  The beginning years were spent learning the basics of composition and the medium.

As time went by, I found myself being attracted to other subject matter such as people and still life.  I liked experimenting with other media such as coloured pencils and egg tempera.  Discovering photography opened up a whole new world.

Galleries and agents recommend that an artist have a USP (Unique Selling Position) - an identity or image that can be promoted in order to make sales.  This is a good practical idea but one that I have difficulty following.  My main goal has always been to have fun creating images; to have something that inspires me to spend my days in my studio.

I had dabbled with oil pastels for some time but a couple of years age I found myself coming up with a concept for creating a unique body of work with this medium, in a style that was very different than anything that I had done before.  It took a few tentative pictures to refine my concept.  I moved farther away from realism, sometimes to the totally abstract.

Basically, the images consist of shapes of colour applied to a black background.  Each shape is made up of 2 or more layers of different colours.  Being able to see traces of each colour causes vibrations that would be lost if they were blended.  Many artists are a little annoyed when they see a viewer with his face almost touching the artwork.  However, to get the full impact of the work here I encourage you to do so.

Art isn’t created in a vacuum and I can see the influence of pointillism, stained glass, and quilting.

I live in Portage and have had 6 previous show at the Portage & District Arts Centre.  I am also a volunteer here.  I have always enjoyed working with the staff and the other volunteers.

Please enjoy the show.

Exhibition Opening:  Thursday, May 15 at 7:00pm


June 24 - August 2, 2014


Quilt and textile paintings by Diane Stewart & Debbie Richards.


School Gallery Tours


The Portage & District Arts Centre is offering Gallery Tours for School Groups of all ages.  This is a excellent opportunity for students and faculty to see a variety of art forms from Regional Artists and is a great addition the the current Arts curriculum.  Students will be fully engaged learning the artistic process of how each piece was made and will be encouraged to interact with the Artist or Docent.  Tours are available Tuesday through Friday.  Bookings are accepted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the tour.  Donations to the Gallery are welcome.  Contact the Portage & District Arts Centre at 204-239-6029 or email pdac@mts.net to book your tour today!



EXTENDED February 4 & April 26, 2014


Pencil & Watercolour by Michelle Lalancette.

Michelle has lived and made Portage la Prairie her home since 1981.  Upon her retirement as a kindergarten teacher, she renewed her love and interest in art with the encouragement and tutelage of Marguerite Ruddell.

Michelle truly enjoys the medium of watercolour as well as pen and ink.  To further enhance these skills she has taken workshops so as to discover new techniques and expand her creativity.

Artist Statement: “Art has always been an important part of my life.  I come from an artistically inclined family.  I prefer a realistic approach.  There is both detail and simplicity in my artwork.  I am influenced by life around me...like the chickadees at my kitchen window...Also I love to paint people...for “the human interest touch”.

Painting for me is often spiritual...an ongoing appreciation for nature and life.  It is also a very humbling and fulfilling experience and journey.  There is no great statement in my paintings.  My wish is simply that you enjoy my artwork as much as I have in creating it!”


August 5 - 30, 2014


Original Multi-media Art by various Artists in the Central Region.

Artists Reception:  May 2 at 6:00pm at the Tiger Hills Arts Association.  Public Opening to follow at 7:00pm.

Tour Schedule:  May - Holland, June - Morden, July - Carman, August - Portage la Prairie, September - Winnipeg (MAN)

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September 2 - 27, 2014


Mixed media by artist Colette Balcaen.


September 30 - November 8, 2014


Mixed media by various artists including Yvette Cenerini, Dayna Danger, Anne Fallis, Cameron Forbes, Annette Henderson, Erin Josephson-Laidlaw, Mary Lowe, Cheryl Orr-Hood, Willow Rector, Diana Thorneycroft & Diane Whitehouse


November 10 - December 20, 2014

Acrylic, oil & collage by artist Linus Woods.


Photos courtesy of Jean Orton